The High Performance Service Plan for Your PC

Our Best Service Plan Package

When you enroll in our Platinum Package – you’ll get the peace of mind that your PC will be patched, cleaned, optimized, and protected against the latest virus threats – around the clock.

Our 24/7 Platinum Package performs critical maintenance tasks in the background – while you’re away – and without interrupting you. Call (877) 976-7741 or Schedule a free consultation 24/7 for more information.

Auto-Cleaning, Optimization and Patching

Your computer will remain in tip-top shape and less vulnerable to outside attacks with regular maintenance and automatic patching.
  • Junk File Cleaning
  • Disk Optimization
  • System Logs Cleaning
  • Reboot System(s)
  • Maintenance Schedule Fully Customizable
  • Perform Custom Scheduled Tasks
  • Install Latest Critical Windows Security Updates
  • Updates All 5 Major Browsers - Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera
  • Support includes most commonly exploited Adobe and Oracle Java
  • Other vendor support including Apple, Mozilla, Zip tools and more, as well as Instant Messaging Clients such as Skype and Yahoo Messenger

24/7 Anti-Malware Protection

Powerful protection against the latest viruses, Trojans, rootkits, and spyware.
  • 24/7 Online / Offline Protection
  • Quick Remote Installation
  • Emergency Malware Removal Service
  • Always Updated
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Customized Protection Policies
  • Scheduled Weekly Scans
  • Consistently Awarded Top Rated Product

Unlimited Online Backup

Get peace of mind knowing your important files are backed up securely in the cloud.

  • Will automatically back up all your files including documents, photos, music and movies.
  • Back up all your attached external drives.
  • Fast backup speed.
  • Restore multiple versions up to 30 days
  • Automatic or scheduled backups
  • Locate a missing or stolen computer

Malicious Website Blocking

Boosts online security by blocking access to malicious and inappropriate websites.
  • Enhances Overall Network Security
  • Blocks Phishing and Malware Infected Websites
  • Customized Web Filtering Policies (block porn, gambling, social networks, etc.)
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Detailed Activity Reports Available (optional)

24/7 System Health Monitoring

We monitor the overall health of your PC proactively. If we receive an alert - we'll take steps ASAP to reduce any downtime to your business.
  • Disk Space
  • Hard Drive Health
  • High CPU Usage
  • Antivirus Health
  • Automatic Windows Update
  • Memory Usage
  • Windows Firewall
  • Online State
  • Event Logs
  • Important Windows Services
  • Critical Processes

Seasonal Remote Checkups

We'll remotely connect to your PC 4x per year to perform maintenance, software updates, and system diagnostics.

Unlimited Access to Bigger Brains Video Library

  • Over 80+ Online Courses, Including Microsoft Office, Presentation Skills, Project Management, Quickbooks, And More
  • Unique, Award-Winning Teacher / Learner Format (awarded “Best IT Skills Training” by eLearning Magazine, 2016)
  • Access Skills Right When You Need Them With Our Searchable Module Index
  • Take Courses On Your Computer, Smartphone, Or Tablet
  • Includes ALL Courses from Bigger Brains
  • View A Free Sample Course

Unlimited Remote QuickFixes

  • Feel free to contact us with any request, even for quick support questions.
  • QuickFixes provide you with unlimited remote support with no hourly rates or fees.
  • Contact us by using our built-in contact form, by phone, or live chat to get help with any support issues you might encounter.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • No Contracts
  • No Commitment, Cancel Anytime
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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