Our Core Mission Statement

Hart's PC Repair was founded not just on a business plan to meet a growing need in the ever-evolving digital economy but also on a set of core values that govern every aspect of how we deal with our valued clients. Just so you know what to expect if you allow us the privilege of serving you, here’s what those core values are:

  • Treat everybody with respect.
  • Always endeavor to understand the customer's perspective.
  • Continue to improve ourselves and our company.
  • Consistently provide the highest standard of customer service to everyone.
  • We will accept responsibility for any mistakes and work endlessly to correct them.
  • Always respect and protect the confidentiality we have with our customers.
  • Always be honest and straightforward with the customer and in all we do.
  • Work with the customer to find the best possible and most cost effective solution for their needs.
  • We will never charge by the hour but only 'By The Solution'.