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Hi.. my name is Paul Hart and I’m the friendly face you see on this page. Me and my team here at Hart’s PC Repair… we absolutely love what we do and we’d love to have a chance to ‘team-up’ with you whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a small-to-medium sized company.

I’m a US Navy veteran but I’ve been a ‘geek’ from way-back and I started this business back in 2005 after realizing how much fun this work was and what a good feeling it was helping my friends with their computer problems. Since then I’ve added a small staff and we’ve grown into one of the most responsive, capable, and efficient online IT support and computer repair companies you’ll find anywhere.

Our specialty is remote service and our clients stay with us because, in the majority of cases, we are truly a ‘one-source’ solution provider. We take the time to get to know our clients and how they use computers and internet technology in their business.

Our Help Desk service absolutely cannot be beat. We understand that there is no ‘best’ time to have IT or computer problems and that’s why we are structured to be available round-the-clock to get you back up, online, and ‘doing your business’ whenever problems occur.

Of course ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ and that’s why we also offer round-the-clock monitoring with complete, weekly written reports, to keep you advised of any possible issues with your computers or systems. Most of our services are ‘flat-rate’ so you’ll always find us easy to budget for too.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our free, totally safe and secure, online computer check-up (with a free price quote) that you’ll find handy as a point of reference for any further decisions you might make about letting us help you further…. especially keeping in mind that good computer and IT system maintenance, monitoring, and backup doesn’t cost…it pays.

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Paul Hart
Paul Hart, Owner, Support Specialist
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